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About Foz Tua

Distinct Douro DOC wines


Wines designed for Foz do Tua passion

Foz Tua first arose from a passion for the Alto Douro wine region and culminated in the acquisition of a property in 2014. With about 4 hectares and immeasurable potential and resources, this beautiful property overlooking the Tua dam embraces the rich history of a very special terroir. The vineyard, planted over 30 years before, had reached a level of maturity that opened the doors to a dependable winegrowing operation, with highly concentrated grape berries and the distinctive characteristics of unique DOC Douro wines.

The “seeds” were sown, and with a burning desire to improve and innovate on the territory at the same time respecting tradition, Foz Tua began production on 17 July 2014, dedicating itself to studying and growing grapes of excellence in the Douro region, intended primarily for winemaking.

Foz Tua is a family company that pays tribute to its origin, the town of Foz do Tua, in Carrazeda de Ansiães (Bragança), styling its products with its namesake.


A great place to visit and savour

Foz Tua was borne out of the passion of a father and son for the Douro region

After decades of hard work and dedication to his family and business, João Fernandes’ family found a refuge in the Douro to unwind in at weekends. On his regular travels to the Douro, he spoke with the locals and learnt their stories. Amid invitations to wineries and wine tastings, the idea emerged to create a brand and produce his own wine!

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