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Foz Tua White over 40 years


Tasting Notes

The White version of the Foz Tua over 40 Years Port is the result of a great deal of patience and continuous research with small producers, who have kept hidden treasures alive through generations.

The process involved meticulous choice and waiting in the selection of very old port wines that are part of this blend.

The careful presentation of Foz Tua Port over 40 Years only intends to do justice to the time and dedication necessary to achieve the excellence of this Port Wine.

This makes Foz Tua the first wine producer, in Carrazeda de Ansiães, to market Port Wine.

Limited edition of 1200 units.


Grape Varieties

Selection of very old port wines

Awards and Prizes

“Altamente Recomendado 2022”, “O Melhor de Portugal 2021” and with a score of 18.5 in Revista de Vinhos magazine


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